Everyone loves a Twin Sister

Twin sister make Shakey Times feel a little more than just alright. If bands were girlfriends (which we all know they’re not, alas) then Twin Sister would be the ethereal and impeccably cute sort.

That’s not to say these New Yorker’s couldn’t show you good time; but we’re certain they’d much prefer to be lovers and not fighters. It’s the subtle nuances in their sound that stops them from being just sweet and nice though with depth and character differentiating them from say, just being an Air France / Beach House mish mash. The attention to detail on tracks like Ribbon Bow for example make a very strong case for their imminent debut E.P to fit quite comfortably into our records of the year – and we’re only two months in.

If you boys have got any sense, get those little mitts of yours on these tracks and be sure to record them on that Valentines Day mix we’re sure you’re all just itching to make. She’ll love you for it, mark our word.

Twin Sister – I Want A House

Twin Sister – Ribbon Bow


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