Jazz. Whadabout it?

If a blog has hiatus (as indeed Shakey Times did), I know the new posts are meant to express a new wealth of musical knowledge, all learned in the space between the last post, and this, the new one. Well, there’s only one problem.

If we’re honest, Jazz isn’t a genre we claim to be massively clued-up on. It’s about ‘cats’ and sophistication, and spoken about ‘contextually’ by people like John Thompson’s character in the fast show (below) right?


In fact; on picking up a copy of the classic John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman’s 1936 self titled album, it all became clear. Now, we could try and explain all the wonders of this record to you, but for fear of sounding like ‘Mr Jazz’ above, we wont.

Instead, we’ll let you in on this little secret and leave you to draw your own conclusions after you’ve listened.

Lush Life (track 1)


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