All Hail The New Queen Of Acoustic Balladry – Sharon Van Etten


Shakey Time bloggers been in hiding away, just waiting for something to come and bowl us over. The problem was, nothing ever seemed worthy of writing more than a couple of sentences about – until now!

On a recent trip to Rough Trade, the new Sharon Van Etten record was recommended to me by a shelf that held it up. The shelf told me it’d be like hearing Elliott Smith or Cat Power for the first time, and then told me if I took £12.99 to the checkout, a lovely woman behind the counter might let me go home and find out for myself. So of course, I did.

And you know what? That bloody shelf (or at least the label on in) was right. The album, entitled Because I Was In Love, is a brittle collection of eleven heart on sleeve-tear in eye type songs that have the ability to stop time.

Sharon’s voice is perfect for late nights and there’s a real poignancy that translates perfectly on tracks like ‘I wish I knew’. Don’t be confused by my waffle though, this isn’t a record to slit your wrists to or pander for the ones that got away by;  it’s a record that’s full of as much gusto and real courage as it is sentimentality.

So – if you only let one record soundtrack your winter, let it be this one. You might have to wait six more months for another recommendation if you don’t.*

Sharon Van Etten – For You

*This is a lie – Shakey Times is officially ‘back’ to its hyperactive posting days of old.  At long last.


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