The future credibility of Island Records rests with bands like this- Bombay Bicycle Club.

Bombay Bicycle Club's Jamie MacColl with lead singer Jack Steadman.

Bombay Bicycle Club's Jamie MacColl with lead singer Jack Steadman.

The graduation from indie boy scenester to credible musician can be an arduous process in which many fail, fall by the way side, only to be picked up by the nearest admin recruitment office who find them something painfully dull to do for the rest of their years.  No such a problem for Bombay Bicycle Club lead singer Jack Steadman though, as Shakey Times watch him slowly but (very) surely grow into his role of bona fide star front man.


The bands future however is now in the clutches of Island Records, a label which seems to fritter away far more talent than they do produce hit records these days. Sure, it’s easy to sell a few million copies of the next Amy Winehouse album, but albums like that sell themselves as though they were buckets of ice cold water in the desert.  


In recent years I’ve watched several friends careers evaporate into nothing more than the occasional name drop in Island marketing meetings; so I only hope the same doesn’t happen to BBC. Recent Island signings The King Blues, VV Brown, and Frankmusic suggest the Umm & Ahh (A&R) men at Island have been putting far many grams and hookers on expenses as usual. Have they actually listened to these ‘artists’?


Bombay Bicycle Club are the best signing to Island Records for a long while and have an overwhelming supply of both talent and ambition. It’s a saturated market, that ‘middle-road-wishy-washy-second-rate-i-could-write-that-whilst-scratching-my-arse indie music’ market. That’s why it comes as such a relief to see Bombay Bicycle Club continually to race in the opposite direction, to place where if there were any justice in the world, we’ll see BBC carry on being superbly creative whilst being able to shift the number of albums a band like this truly deserve to.


Bombay Bicycle Club – Always Like This   


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