Recorded in November 2008 and mixed by Peter Katis (Interpol / Arcade Fire), Fanfarlo’s debut ‘Reservoir’ has all the hallmarks of a classic record. The album which is being re-released in May, complete with a foil block linen-covered DVD shaped case, limited to 500 copies; is already the stuff of record collector’s wet dreams.


On tour in the UK throughout May and June, the series of nine dates promise a chance to see the majesty and beauty of ‘Reservoir’ brought to life. Shakey Times has been regretfully lazy (or busy) when the band have played in the past, so we for one can’t wait for these dates.


Friends with Sigur Ros and more than capable with having a trumpet/violin/mandolin or accordion battle with Arcade Fire any day of the week, all the signs were pointing in the right direction, even before we’d heard a note. Reservoir is just one of those albums that gets better the more you hear it. We knew the band had released a split record with another one of favourite artists, Sleeping States, but it’s not until we heard the body of work continually in album form that it really hit us how great this band are.


A combination of this warmth, courtesy of the diversity of instrumentation, with the childish charms of Simon, their frontman, makes for something almost unique, unheard of at least for the last twelve months.


Here’s something to believe in:

Fanfarlo – Luna

Fanfarlo – Ghosts  


Pre-order your limited edition copy of ‘Reservoir’ here.




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