Introducing…Amanda Blank.

Amanda Blank – I might like you better (if we slept together).


Goodness, what a bucket of sauce. “Might like you better, if we slept together” begins Amanda, breaking off from giving tips on the longevity of gold hoop earrings (coat cheap ones with transparent nail varnish, slap fans) and splashing references to Heathers, Adriana from The Sopranos and Marisa Tomei circa My Cousin Vinny on her marvellous blog. In any event, this is the single I have been waiting/relentlessly pestering PRs to alert me to, being variously pointless, disposable, giddy as all A.D.D. and snazzy as a pair of peach coloured trainers you were prepared to kill for, on your eighth 80s birthday.


There’s a small list of artists that can sing, rap, write sophisticated pop songs and perform them with irresistible charisma. The list of female performers that can do all of that is even smaller and Amanda Blank is skyrocketing to the top of it. Amanda Blank is a woman making listeners take notice of her unique voice, using genres and styles merely as vehicles toward unhindered self-expression.



Amanda Blank rolling with Santa Gold.
Amanda Blank rolling with Santa Gold.


Philadelphia born and bred, Amanda was raised with her older sisters in a row house in Germantown by her artist ex-hippie parents.  She quickly learned the value of individuality and the need for outspokenness. A quick glimpse at her interests conveys the dynamic nature of Amanda’s character, ranging from the radically raw to the sentimentally sweet.  From her tastes in music (My Bloody Valentine, Man Man, Santigold, Antony and the Johnsons) to visual art (Jayson Musson, Aubrey Beardsley) to fashion (Ny Chorm), she gravitates from the sensual and shocking to the fun and absurdist.

The result of all this turns out to be hugely addictive. We think you’ll be hearing alot more of Amanda Blank in coming months.





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  1. shakeytimes

    phew. thanks for pulling me up on my silly typo.

    appreciate it

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