Alessi’s Ark

Happy Easter folks,

Hope you’re all making the most of these few days off work. In true Fast Show (see here) style; this week, we ‘av, mostly been listening to, Alessi’s Ark.

We heard her latest single ‘Over the Hill’ on the brilliant Adam and Joe show recently and then obviously headed straight over the youtube expecting a fantastic video. We weren’t disappointed. Alessi is beginning a UK wide tour beginning in May, as well as playing arguably the two best British festivals, Glastonbury and Bestival later in the year.

Since we last posted about the budding 18 year old, she did indeed go out and wow SXSW and win a whole bunch of praise like we expected she might do, surprise surprise.  Still very much an enchanting prospect, and one who seems to evolve into something ever more beautiful each time we check back on her – just watch this making of and tell us your heart doesn’t melt.






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2 responses to “Alessi’s Ark

  1. David Boring

    > tell us your heart doesn’t melt.

    My heart doesn’t melt.

  2. I thought the Alessi’s Ark track really stood out on the Adam and Joe show too… headed straight off to her/their MySpace to check out more 🙂

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