Sin Fang Bous

Sindri Mar Sigfusson delivers his debut solo full-length for Morr, continuing his exploration of technicolour pop with a combination of wide-eyed Paw Tracks-style wonderment and a typically Scandinavian ear for a bit of epic tune sculpting, perhaps evoking similarly talented solo types like Loney, Dear or even Panda Bear now and then.


Sin Fang Bous is Sindri Mar Sigfusson from the Icelandic band Seabear, and while this is his debut as Sin Fang Bous, it is not his debut making/releasing music on his own. Seabear was originally his one-man project, and he self-released his brilliant Seabear debut “Singing Arc” (2004) on his own. Seabear became a huge (and probably growing) band with 7 members, and the Sin Fang Bous album was recorded and self-produced in Sindri’s home studio while Seabear was working on their new album.


It’s a very fine debut indeed; and another record from those pesky Scandinavians who continue to prove their ear for pop music extends way beyond convention.


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