New Jeff Buckley CD / DVD

At long last we have some details on the forthcoming Jeff Buckley CD/DVD.  Executive produced by Mary Guibert (Buckley’s mother), “Grace Around The World” focuses on previously unreleased live performances circa 1994-95, in concert and television locales ranging from the U.S. and UK, to Germany, Japan and France (where Buckley was the #1 best-selling international catalogue artist in 2008). Accompanying the 108-minute “Grace Around The World” DVD will be an audio CD counterpart.

A special deluxe package of “Grace Around The World” will also contain the one-hour documentary DVD, “Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley,” thus bringing the total running time for the deluxe set up to 169 minutes (nearly three hours) of Jeff Buckley footage for his fans. In advance of this summer’s 15th anniversary of the release of “Grace,” Buckley’s landmark debut album (August 1994), and the two “Grace Around The World” packages will be available from June 2nd.


We have it on good authority that the “Grace Around The World” DVD includes 33 minutes of bonus features too. Beginning with three songs performed in New York for MTV’s “120 Minutes” (“Grace,” “So Real,” “Last Goodbye”), then “Vancouver” (from “MTV’s Most Wanted” in London), and conclude with the original music video for “Hallelujah” (directed by Ernie Fritz). In between are behind-the-scenes on-the-road segments for VH1’s “Naked Cafe,” and the Merri Cyr bus interview. All sounds pretty tasty indeed – if massively overdue.

Jeff Buckley – So Real

Jeff Buckley – I know we could be so happy baby (If we wanted to be)


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  1. Karen

    I’m on pins and needles, I can’t wait. Don’t forget to buy “Pure Drop” too. It was wonderful and so well written. I know all he’s done, but it was all the little personal pieces that I loved.

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