Little Joy


Mr Fab Moretti last year joined forces with Brazilian musician Rodrigo Amarante and diminutive vocalist Binki Shapiro and, together, the trio masterfully morphed together a sound as if The Strokes had decamped to a beach in Rio. By creating a tastefully concocted cocktail of sunny guitar, breezy harmonies and wistful lyrics, Little Joy have succeeded in creating one of the most heart warming albums Shakey Times has heard in months.


As a general rule, the side projects of ailing indie bands are best given a wide berth. But when Fabrizio Moretti, drummer with the Strokes, released his first record last November with Little Joy, it proved exactly that: an unassuming little charmer that swapped tight-trousered ennui for a loose-fitting, tropicalia-tinged sound. Far better than his Strokes counterparts solo outings, Little Joy’s s/t debut is as close to summer love some of us will probably get to in the next few months. So for that reason, if no other, go out and bag yourself a copy of this little diamond as soon as you can.


Little Joy – Brand New Start






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