Solid Gold Mixing: Bullion – Young Heartache EP.

West London producer Bullion returns with his impeccable new E.P ‘Young Heartache’. The one man mixologist who was responsible for the awesome ‘Pet Sounds: In The Key of Dee’ mash-up, never ceases to impress with his blend of chopped-up digitised hip hop and sonic soundscapes.  With an ear for warped pop narratives, the EP’s title track leads the way with disorientatingly high levels of compression and sliced-up, pitch-scrambled samples. For all its eccentricities the production retains a solid song-like focus, maintaining a heavy duty beat in the process. It’s something wholly unique and refreshing that’d probably go down pretty damn well at late night bbq’s this summer.


Bullion: Young Hearts E.P

Bullion: Young Hearts E.P


Full of baby-butt smooth mixing, Bullions records are never anything short of inspirational and the ‘Young Heart’ E.P is no exception.


Bullion – It’s Time For Love

Bullion – I just wasn’t made for These Times


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