Pick up your Answering Machine

Isn’t it easy to forget how good a certain something is sometimes eh? In the Answering Machine’s case, Shakey Times had seen the band countless times in their embryonic stages. Not for a long time since though, until last night when they tore up London’s Hoxton Bar and Kitchen.


Gone is the unfashionable drum machine having being replaced by a one Animal of a drummer, and in are a killer set of new tunes that look set to have made it on to the bands (as yet untitled) debut album due for release later this year. Playing to an ever ‘cooler than thou’ kind of a crowd, leader singer Martin Colclough seemingly didn’t seem to give a fuck. Performing the ‘two mouths one mic’ trick with guitarist Pat Fogarty and with added guitar chorography on show it was a set full of energy and attitude.


With a couple more dates left in the UK before they head out to L.A, we suggest you catch them before their debut album comes out and they justly blow up. Now serious contenders in the race to become the next ‘big thing’, it was an awful lot of fun having seen the band come from humble Strokes-y beginnings to now sounding like a unique, confident and exciting band. Get involved.


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