London’s Bus Infestation!



I don’t know what it is with people these days? I stress I’m using the word people here in the loosest possible sense. Maybe I should’ve asked who the hell these aliens are that have infested the bus’s of London town and insist on imposing their absolutely awful mix of bhangra, hard core rap or novelty ring tones on everyone else- seriously?!


I’ve got two issues here:

1)      Why the hell listen to your music on a tiny little speaker when it would sound 10000 times better if you just used the headphones provided?

2)      Why is all the music you play of the most infuriating variety possible?


Firstly, I let you know I love a lot of black music, but there’s only so much effin’ and jeffin’ one man can take. “Yeah, I’m gonna **** ya up bled, you know’s it I’m gonna **** you right in the ****ing ****”. I mean, this isn’t exactly what you need to chill you out after a hard day’s work is it?


So I figured I’ve got two options.

1)      Sit there, grit my teeth, and take it.  Or….

2)      Fight back.


You’re one step ahead of me here aren’t you? Yep, I’ve got my playlist all ready for tonight’s journey. It’s not taken long, it’s not big, and it’s not clever – but I’m gonna lay it out on the line. I’m currently tweaking the speakers on my phone so the volume wont go any higher, then I’m gonna lay it down- LOUD. I promise to keep you posted as to whether I end up in hospital or not. Chances are this could be my last post for a while. It’s been fun guys.


This evening’s bus playlist includes:

Nirvana – Aneurysm

The Walkmen – The Rat

Queens Of The Stoneage – Feel Good Hit Of The Summer


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