Little Boots Remixed

I bet you wondered how long it would take us to succumb and fall under the spell of Little Boots?


Well, truth be told we fell for Victoria Hesketh way before Little Boots even ‘existed’. Even when she was cooking up a storm with those two ‘good friends’ in Dead Disco we always knew she had a lot more in reserve. Finally though, it now seems time for her deserved success to actually come to pass. Everyone’s seen her plastered over the UK music press and everyone’s heard about all they can hear when it comes to glowing ‘buzz talk’.


The future now rests on whether Little Boots can live up to the hype. Got to say though, her next single ‘New In Town’ sounds like the best thing we’ve heard from camp Hesketh so far – did someone say pop perfection? Here’s to the bewitching Little Boots and all her future success. We know she more than merits it.


Little Boots – New In Town (Fred Falke remix)

Little Boots – New In Town (Drop The Line Dub Remix)

Oh Vic'....What Could've Been...

Oh Vic'....What Could've Been...


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