All Your Favorite Bands In Paris.

The Take away shows are favorite French blog la Blogotheque’s first video podcasts.


Every week, they invite an artist or a band to play in the streets, in a bar, a park, or even in a flat or in an elevator, and they film the whole session. Of course, what makes the beauty of it is all the little incidents, hesitations, and crazy stuff happening unexpectingly. Besides, they do not edit the videos so they look perfectly flawless, instead they keep the raw sound of the surroundings. Their goal is to try and capture instants, film the music just like it happens, without preparation, without tricks. Spontaneity being the keyword.


Featuring such luminary directors as Jeremiah (Kidam), Nate Chan, One Shot Seattle, One Take New York and of course the awesome Vincent Moon, they have collectively filmed almost all our favorite artists. Bands such as Arcade Fire, Fleet Foxes, Beirut, Bon Ivor, and Sea Stick Steve have all recently had the Take Away Show treatment.


Here are three of our favorites.


Watch more at:


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