Strings Of Consciouness

Strings of Consciousness kept us awake all last night. Their vivid and challenging instrumental arrangements as backdrops to our hazy late night coffee session, it was like being transported directly into a David Lynch film. Except for the fact Strings of Consciousnesses are far more subtle, smoky and terrifying to ever be dubbed over a film.


An ensemble made up of fourteen members, SOC hail from Marseille, France, via London, Paris and Chicago. Using their manifesto of uniting acoustic instrumentation and human sensibility with digital technology, the group are able to draft in many talented musicians from across the globe via the internet. The result: a cohesive, warm, lush, harmonious collection of pieces, feeling as if they live and breathe-in the same air.


Members of Strings of Consciousness come from, and have worked with, such luminaries as The Macé Ensemble, Bob Mould, the Sea and Cake, Soft Machine, Frank Black, Robert Wyatt, David Thomas’ 2 Pale Boys, Spaceheads and Deviationists, in addition to having run two of France’s premier Independent labels, Pandemonium (Unsane, Cerberus Shoal and more) and BiP_HOp (Erik Friedlander, Rothko, Scanner and more).


So if you like your music a little odd, starkly beautiful and with unadulterated mystique. Then Strings of Consciousness may be the band for you. 





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