The Juan MacLean

The Juan MacLean or simply John MacLean to his good friends at Shakey Times has a new album due to hit stores on 14th April. It’s been nearly four years since The Juan Maclean released his scintillating debut ‘Less Than Human’, and we were just beginning to think he wasn’t coming back. Thankfully ‘The Future Will Come’ which will be released on DFA Records is nothing less than a superb mix of throbbing synths, jungled congo rhythms and signature James Murphy production.


“At this point, it seems like drugs are an inherent part of dance music culture. I am not anti-drug in any way, but this is sad to me, because it immediately adds an air of illegitimacy to dance music” Said Maclean in a recent interview. We couldn’t agree more, but luckily for us ‘The Future Will Come’ is one of those rare records that actually makes you feel as though you’re on drugs without ingesting anything.



With a certain intelligence and incisiveness, The Juan Maclean have cemented their place in the modern electronic landscape- not only by producing a cohesive gem of a record, but also by doing so in the same time his contemporaries have failed to come anywhere close to Johns own stupidly high standards.   


The Juan Maclean – The Future Will Come

The Juan Maclean – Accusations


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