There Ain’t No Cure For Love

‘There ain’t no cure for love’ sang Leonard Cohen way back in ’88 on his album ‘I’m Your Man’…and how right he was. Never one to mix his words, Cohen got straight to the point ‘That don’t change the way I feel, and I can’t believe time will heal this wound I’m, speakin’ of’.

He was aching for his baby, couldn’t pretend he’s not. Apparently he needed to see her naked in body and her thought. This made me think two things; firstly, who the hell would turn down Mr Cohen?! Crazy women, but secondly, maybe most importantly, love is indeed a kicker. It kicks like a mule and it’ll kick you when you’re down.

Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen

There are many, many reasons there are more songs about songs about this particular emotion than any other so we won’t bore you by listing them all. We will say though; when you’ve tried all you can, called all you can call, written all the letters expressing your undying you love you can write, danced all you can dance – and they still don’t want you. Don’t be hasty and don’t go crazy, just remember all the good times you had- however much that hurts. Then simply go out and find yourself a new ‘one’. It might not work out for the long term, but in the short term it’s as good a therapy as any – because it is just like Mr Cohen sang. There certainly ain’t no cure for love – right on Len’!

Leonard Cohen – There Ain’t No Cure For Love


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