Did Mr Oizo invent the wobbly base?

Everyone remembers the Levi’s add with little Flat Eric bopping his head in a car listening to ‘Flat Beat’ by Mr Oizo- it’s a classic right. Well, we we’re out last night and Flat Beat came on, booming out of a big basey stack of speakers, every one nodding there head really getting into it.


It was followed by a ton of really bass heavy D&B, wonk and dirty house. When The Flapsandwich remix of Daft Punk’s ‘Work it’ came on with that same heavy bass line that was used in Mr Oizo’s Flat Beat, we wondered whether anyone had actually used that really heavy wobbly kind of bass line before Oizo. To our knowledge he seems the worthy king of bass after creating that sound, no? Are we being silly? Are we unknowledgeable, or is he really just the man?


Mr Oizo – Flat Beat

Daft Punk – Work it (Flapsandwich REDIT)

Flat Beat Ft. Flat Eric


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