Nicolas Sarkozy VS MGMT!

The French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s UMP party has repeatedly used one of MGMT’s songs, Kids, at rallies and in political advertisements it was heard today. And according to the band’s lawyer, they didn’t bother to ask permission.

The song, which is “very popular among young people”, MGMT’s French lawyer claimed, was allegedly used at meetings on 24 and 25 January, which included a major function for the party’s new secretary general, Xavier Bertrand. The song has also allegedly appeared in official videos on the UMP website.

They don't look to pissed off to be to honest.

They don't look too pissed off to be to honest.


“It seems that those who led the charge against internet users are not the most respectful of copyright,” the band’s lawyer, Isabelle Wekstein, told Le Monde.

Oh the irony! With just two weeks until a new anti-filesharing bill is presented to the national assembly, we think that a certain somebody is going to be a little red faced – and sorry Mr Sarkozy, that won’t be Carla Bruni.



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