Music For The Road

Seeking abandonment, escapism, freedom, carte blanche to do as you please? You want to break the shackles society places around your little ankles…you want to go out on the open road like Christopher Johnson McCandless?


Having just finished the book, Into The Wild, for the third time … it dawned on me Chris forgot something very important. He had an unbelievable time out there, I mean he was really in his element, rolling with the punches, hunting his food (and all that business), but what did the silly bugger forget?!


Yeah, you guessed it – some quality travelling music. Not to trivialise McCandless’s wholly humbling journey of self discovery, but, seriously if you yourself are going to head out on the open road in the not to distant future. Can we please ask you to take these trusty companions with you? You can’t eat them unfortunately, but they’re as good for the soul as any Moose will be for the stomach. Shakey Time’s guarantees it.


Bruce Springsteen – Thunder Road

The Modern Lovers – Roadrunner

The Kinks – This Time Tomorrow

Tom Petty – Time To Move On

Willie Nelson – On The Road


Hello: I am an open road

Hello: I am an open road




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