Yo! Majesty announce (another) club banger.

Yo! Majesty release their brand new single, Don’t Let Go, on March 30th 2009 over here in the UK. The live favourite, with a strong message about soldiering on through adversity, is the track that everyone has been waiting for from their debut LP, Futuristically Speaking… Never Be Afraid.


Along with Cool Kids, Yo! Majesty have unbelievably managed to make hip hop fun again. By mixing crunk, garage and electro, Jwl B and Shunda K make music far Spicer than Salt ‘n’ Pepper ever could, fresher than any early Missy, but most importantly, they still don’t take themselves seriously. Hailing from Tampa Florida, Jwl B may well be raps answer to Beth Ditto – wild, rampant, undeniably talented, but sadly she still has tits like bags of PVA glue. Not to detract from an amazing album, but seriously, keep them in your bra yeah.


Annnyway, now remixed, mainly on spec by their broad range of fans, we reckon this should blow up any dance floor in the world. If it hasn’t already.


Yo! Majesty – Don’t Let Go ((Photomachine ‘Bounce’ Mix)


'Heads, shoulders knees and glue. Knees and glue'

'Heads, shoulders knees and glue. Knees and glue'


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