New Band Alert: Starfucker

When hearing a band is called Starfucker you can’t help but dread they might be as bad as other bands with equally ludicrous names. We don’t have to name them; you know who we’re on about. I mean, who calls their band STAR-FUCKER?


Well, I’ll tell you. A group of three young Portland natives who make the most exuberant, explicitly odd pop records we’ve heard in a while. It’s easy to point your musical compass in the direction of Phoenix and MGMT and hear all signature wonky bass lines and eccentric lyrics of similar nu-wave alt. American pop groups – but there’s something far more significant here on a second or third listen.  


The dreamy vocals and handclaps are all well and good, but this is a band that is far greater than the sum of its parts. They are instantaneous but have depth. They are smart but endearing. They’re simply great, that’s what they are.


Starfucker – Popsong

Starfucker – German Love

Not as daft as they look.

Starfucker: Not as daft as they look.



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