Empire of the Sun & The Sleepy Jackson

Empire of the Sun, the new musical project from Luke Steel and Nick Littlemore has attracted masses of attention over previous months, and for good reason.

The group who borrowed their name from a 1984 JG Ballard novel, which was then adapted for the screen by Steven Spielberg in 1987, seem to have struck a real chord with people who like their pop served with a huge dollop of surrealism.


 “We wanted something quite epic,” Steele says, citing the history of Chinese emperors and the importance of the sun to the Aztecs.


The bands debut single ‘Walking on a Dream’ has been remixed by every tom dick and harry on the planet it would seem, and still more remixes emerge almost daily. The original track, taken from the debut album of the same name is damn good though – ‘a kaleidoscopic cosmic crusade’ if they say so themselves.


“We want to start something a bit bigger than what bands have been for the past 20 years. We want to bring entertainment and colour and positivity and melody back into it.”


You may recognise the name Luke Steel; he has after all created some of the most underrated indie pop of the decade, with his original band Sleepy Jackson. During 2003, with the release of Sleepy Jackson’s album ‘Lovers’, the band attracted worldwide (albeit underground) attention –and deservedly so. It was Steels obvious eccentricity however that resulted in a revolving door of musicians coming, and then predictably going.



We mustn’t forget still, that in the short time a solid line up could remain in the same studio long enough to actually record an album, the results were magic. ‘Good Dancers’ for example is a track that sucked us in back in 2003, and still has the grace and elegance to do the same now.


In case you forgot what it sounded like, make sure you download it before checking out some of these excellent Empire of the Sun remixes.

The Sleepy Jackson – Good Dancers

The Sleep Jackson – Good Dancers (Video)

Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream (Danger Remix)

Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream (Neon Neon Remix)


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