Love etc. New Pet Shop Boys sinlge.

The new Pet Shop Boys single has us torn right down the middle. Much like the band themselves, the new single Love etc, will make some people will think of surefire pop perfection at its best; and make others think of that cheesy, slightly camp kind of music that should have been unquestionably left alone after 1988.

There is something honest and unashamed about the Pet Shop Boys own brand of pop, and something vaguely intellectual that originally set them apart from the Duran Duran’s the world. Their cerebral tones have remarkably also managed to transcend musical affinities of the past two and half decades. Shakey Times likes this. There is also no doubting the lush arrangements and open hearted lyrics which only someone like Tennant could continue to write still definitely posses some strange resonance. This, we like too.

It’s the ability to convey sensitivity and that (all too) familiar sense of yearning that has forever been the bands primary gift. Whether you’re black, white, gay straight or Bi, yellow pink or green, Tennant’s always appreciated we all need love in some form another. After all the partying, debauchery, and disillusionment of those early days in a relationship – it’s Tennant (and the other one) who have reminded us again that there needs to be something more. Something that’s calmer, simpler, steadier and stronger than trying to constantly impress the opposite sex.

So if only for that reason – we’re going to give Love Etc the two big Shakey Times thumbs up.

Pet Shop Boys – Love etc


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