Ever feel like you just wanna shout Fuck ‘em!?

Bosses, partners, friends, those little turds that stand on the corner of streets each night drinking ten pints because they’ve got nothing better to do with their sad little lives?

All the bankers? wankers? Bus drivers? Liars, cheats and fools? Yeah? Do you!?

If the answer is yes-

Then you really better to get that looked at, really, no, seriously – too much anger up there ain’t no good for you. We know.

We do however; also know that sometimes you just need to crank it up a bit, right? Get some whiskey down your neck – and just shout ‘Fuck ‘em- FUCK them!’…(once in a while).


So with that, we present Shakey Times five boozy blues inspired tracks to ‘fuck ‘em’ too:

13th Floor Elevators- You’re Gonna Miss Me

Black Diamond Heavies – Guess You Gone and Fucked It All Up (Live)

Ryan Adams – To Be Young

Led Zeppelin – Black Dog (Live)

Black Keys – I Got Mine


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