You got Soul? …That all depends.

I’ve personally never been able to understand why a lot of dance or guitar enthusiasts still insist on dismissing the influence or muscle of a great soul track. No sub genre gets spared the wrath of a modern music snob, Psychedelic Soul – ‘Just gimmie Hendrix’, Detroit Soul – ‘music for wimps’, Deep Soul – ‘Old Fashioned’. For ****’s sake!?


The arduous task of convincing these Bloc Party peasants and Franz Ferdinand-o-holics that the majority soul music is infinitely cooler than 99% of modern guitar records seems to never cease. Even as I’m sat here writing this, I fear I am indeed wasting my time.


Weaned on a strict diet of Northern Soul when I was younger, I still look back at pictures of those young dudes popping blue pills and shakin’ loose, puma bag over shoulder, and think they were having a reeeal good time. Not like those disco dancing Nancy’s of the seventies, oh no, these we’re red blooded hot headed men just letting it all hang out.   


I read today that an appreciation of beauty enhances wellbeing – and if that’s true, appreciate these. They are truly beautiful.


Tommy Dodson – One Day Love

Freddie Scott – (You) Got What I Need

Frank Wilson – Do I Love You (Indeed I do)

Major Lance – Monkey Time

Fontella Bass – Since I Fell For You

Don Thomas – Come On Train  

Nolan Chance – Just Like The Weather

You dig?

You dig?


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  1. DNS

    I think Franz have got some soul records in their collection well the rhythm section anyhooos…Northern soul needs updating much like Winehouse did for Rhythm and blues crooners. At the moment those songs are being bludgeoned by yee olde xfactor types in an equation similar to what Pat Boone did for Little Richard songs. The vocal approach is testing too get that rasp so won’t be for everyone. If you got a young band/singer who wrote about today rather than (60s/70s now clichéd love themes) and could deliver the northern soul rasp you could to quote Sam Phillips “make a whole lotta noise”. It’s the horn/trumpet fills that always get me and that delayed backbeat. Frank Wilsons song was/is fab. thanks for that.

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