Reelin’ in the pounds?

As much as I admire Mr Josh Homme, of Queens of The Stoneage and Eagles of Death Metal fame. He recently committed an apparent crime against music. Did something so bad, a close friend insisted this was almost certainly a crime, punishable only by death. A little harsh I thought; but this was before I realised Josh and indeed his merry Eagles of Death Metal bandmates, had only gone and (blatantly) ripped off my one remaining unpolluted source of good* dad rock- Steely Dan.


‘Now I’m A Fool’ taken from Eagles of Death Metal’s latest album ‘Heart On’, is undeniably a barefaced take on Steely Dan’s 1972 album filler ‘Only a Fool Would Say That’.

'Give us all your choruses or the little girl gets it!'

Eagles Of Death Metal: 'Give us all your choruses or the little girl gets it!'

Now obviously nobody owns chords or musical notes, but when they’re used so similarly in sequence, then I reckon both Donald Fagen (Steely) and Walter Becker (Dan) should be seeing some wonga? No?

* It is debatable whether any good ‘Dad rock’ actually exists.

Check out the parallels here:  


Eagles of Death Metal – Now I’m a Fool (youtube)

Steely Dan – Only a Fool Would Say That (youtube)


Eagles Of Death Metal – Now I’m A Fool MP3



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