Lilly leaks and Whitest Boy Alive peak.

Five tracks from Lilly Allen’s latest album, It’s Not Me (Due February), found their way onto the internet recently.


Initially I thought these were sloppy, wishy washy, inane but sincere attempts at innovative pop. Then I realised I was just making excuses for a woman who looks good enough to eat on the cover of this weeks NME. The five tracks which have leaked are just dull.


Fag Hag is a fine example of a song written by a socially conscious, witty and (dare I say it) cool twenty something – but then it had to have its soul ripped out by mercilessly awful production. Like the saying ‘If you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all’ – If you’ve got no good production, don’t use any at all, it’ll probably sound a damn sight better.   


Do what they say on the tin.

Do what they say on the tin.


Here at Shakey Times, we think (one of) the best pop album will come in the form of Whitest Boy Alive’s latest offering ‘Rules’. We know ‘Island’ is already doing the rounds on countless blogs, but if you haven’t already heard it you’re gravely missing out.


Whitest Boy Alive make the sort of magically simple music that seems to be tragically missing from most people’s record collection. Change it and get yourself a copy of the new album ‘Rules’ when it comes out in March. You won’t regret it.


Lilly Allen – Fag Hag

Whitest Boy Alive – Island


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