So…THIS is what myspace is for!



We’d almost forgotten what Myspace was for besides the customary spamming, and functioning as an online dating site for those of a certain age. It was only last night though we remembered that long before the days of Hype Machine, a select few A&R men and people of an obsessive disposition would often sit for hours (and hours) trawling through artists music pages.


Around 8PM last night we decided to get back to our roots; and so sat with a supersize pot of coffee whilst we ‘hmmmed’ and ‘ahhhhed’ our way happily into in the early hours -suddenly remembering ‘Oh yeah. This is what MySpace is for’. To our surprise Avi Buffalo Music was the first treasure we came across. On further investigation we heard the band described on a [for what will for now remain nameless] site as ‘Neil Young for the MGMT generation’. This is partly true but lazy comparisons like that just don’t sit well over at Shakey Times, and we thought the four piece from Long Beach California were far more mysterious and intriguing than any star spangled pseudo-hippy duo**. ‘Where’s Your Dirty Mind’ is simply great.


We thought we’d got the knack for this but it’s a little like flicking through records (oh yeah, we don’t do that any more) in the sense, sometimes you have to flick through tens of records before something you like hits you again.


However, Frazer King were a late (quite literally -2AM) discovery, in what started to feel like a Christopher Columbus style exploration of uncharted musical waters. Weird and wonderful but near impossible to articulate, we just suggest you head straight over to their MySpace quick sharp and for a listen yourselves.


Before we knew it we’d began clicking through to peoples top fop friends, then again, and again. It was like stepping through a door, and seeing five more, stepping through one of those, and seeing five new doors. The odd journey took us through MySpace’s garish and flashing underbelly, via several bizarre ‘Hey! Look at my sexy greased up profile picture’ type pages, although thankfully, dropped anchor somewhere a little more suitable. As eyes were going to bed without us we heard a voice in our heads shout ‘Last Stop Barzin’s MySpace’. Comparable to Mazzy Star or a less erratic Spiritualized- we sat and dozed off, listening to what was probably as good as we were going to find at 2:25Am.As I thanked MySpace for reminding me of its most lovely feature – I said to myself I should really do this more often. And so should you. You just might surprise yourself – it’s fun, free, and relaxing. Honest.


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