I am not a piece of hash. I’m in charge of Factory Records. I think. – Tony Wilson


There is little to be said that hasn’t already been said about Factory Records. Yet with having had the recent pleasure of listening to the Factory Records 30th Anniversary box set, I was reminded what a stunningly ideological force the label really was.


Uncompromising and creative, Tony Wilson embodied the modern intellect with an unruly anarchistic streak, but the sense and the passion to get things done. Acting on intuition and going with the labels gut never made (much) money – but instead made history -something altogether far more valuable.


From the obvious classic Joy Division, New Order and Happy Monday’s releases, through to the Durutti Column and A Certain Ratio’s cult singles – what the 4 disc box set really displays is the labels often veiled versatility.


Forever in awe of the labels ethos and culture, it stands alone as an experiment in popular culture that will be eternally etched into the history of modern music. If you need reminded of exactly how profound and often unpredictable Factory was, then look no further than this brilliant BBC 4 Documentary. I promise not to use the word again on this blog for at least six months, but. Genius.


BBC 4 Joy Division / Factory Records documentary.


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