Arc People – The Debate Begins.

OK, so we here at Shakey were sat (forced) down today and played Ark People- asked what we thought – then told we were wrong. On first listen I personally didn’t like White Lies (or their former guise ‘Fear of Flying’), The Editors, or even (to this day) Bloc Party. There’s something missing, something false and something marginally insincere about the nu-wave of British bands who all wear The Bunnymen or Joy Division on their sleeve.    


The Americans like Interpol or Arcade Fire seem to naturally capture the angst and yearning that we British try so very hard to replicate. It’s like algebra I guess, some of us can do it – others can’t. It’s that simple. England forgot the formula circa 1989.


You may ask yourselves why on earth we would waste our time writing about such nonsense then. The answer is simple; we’d love to know what you think? If you believe the hype, then guitar bands will die a sad cyclical death this year to make way for the shiny electronic pop parade – headed by Little Boots, Primary 1, La Roux etc – but we think that’s bollocks. There’s plenty of new, exciting and vibrant guitar music around. We just want you to tell us whether you think Arc People are worth more than Hard-Fi *coughs*


An 'Arc Person' - Not our words, the words of google images.


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