Sleeping States

Markland Starkie

Markland Starkie

Let’s clear two things up before we start. Firstly, Sleeping States is a fierce musical project from the sickeningly talented Markland Starkie. Secondly- it’s stunning.


Starkie recently spouted “I suppose this comes down to melody – I consider the melodic aspects of Sleeping States to be pretty much at the centre of everything I do. Then once I’ve got the melody down I can concentrate on hiding it behind composed experimentations, heh heh”. To be frank, whatever that means and whatever he decides to do, it always  seemingly ends up sounding like a sugar coated soft centred pop nugget for the soul.


Constantly name dropped by the likes of Klaxons and Grizzly Bear on a regular basis, it’s been a long time coming for Markland Starkie who’s been releasing music on various labels since 2005. Now signed to Bella Union records (Home to Beach House, Fleet Foxes, and Andrew Bird amongst others) and with new management (who also manage the brilliant Emmy The Great, and Eugene Mcguinness) it seems 2009 might well be the year Sleeping States deservedly slides on to the publics radar.


We here at Shakey Times sincerely hope so.

Tuck in,

Sleeping States – Rivers 



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